First Home is Just A Stepping Stone To The Next One

Stepping Stone




My advice to first time home buyer has always been this; your first home is just a stepping stone to your next home.

Build Equity Quick In Today’s Market

With the speed of the market right now, sometimes it’s not about looking to find that perfect home but to find a home that will work for now and a home that has most if not all of the qualities you desire in a home. I’m not implying to give up everything you want in a home and settle only to be miserable living there, but look at compromising on a few items if need to be.

For the first time home-buyer, their first home won’t be their last and defiantly won’t be their only home they buy but just the beginning of homes to come.  Once you buy this first home, keep it maintained, maybe do a little upgrading here and there. The plan is to make the home better than when you first bought it, even if it is just minor upgrades.

The main goal is to buy a home in an increasing market and you will start to gain equity through appreciation almost immediately. In 2 to 5 years, depending on the speed of equity gain, you can sell the home and be able to buy up to a better, bigger home and maybe in a more desirable area and able to get that two car garage that you may of sacrifice on the first home.

With the equity in this current home you will be able to put more money down on the next and have more money for upgrades to the new home or just be able to put some away in savings.

You Don’t Need 20% Down To Buy

Most buyer’s, especially first time home buyers, may not have the funds for the down payment, so they may say why bother to try. With grant programs and assistant down payment program available, this really should not get in the way of home ownership.

The myth you need 20% down is just that, a myth. With these local down payments assistant programs available, not just first for time home buyers I might add, you can easily get into a home with little or no money down.

Get Off The Fence

Don’t be a fence sitter and wait for the perfect timing or that perfect house to come on the market or until you have 20% down saved up, get into the game before prices continue to increase and interest rates start walking upwards. Someone will reap the equity gain, why not you?

Find out more about Utah’s Grants and Down Payment Assistance Programs.

Search for homes in Salt Lake and surrounding areas here.

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West Jordan 4th of July Celebration

Fireworks   The 4th of July in West Jordan will be a pack full of entertainment this summer of 2016. Come out and see what the City of West Jordan has planned for the community, you surely will not be bored.

West Jordan Parade which is in its 62nd year, will happen on Monday the 4th of July.  Parade will start at the City Hall on 8000 South at 10:30 and end up at 7000 South. You can always expect plenty of floats, music, marching bands and lots of animals. People start saving their road side spots days in advanced, so is you want a front row seat, you will have to get out early.

This year the carnival will be back at the Veteran’s Memorial Park starting on July 1 and running on 2nd and the 4th. What more fun than to ride the many rides, check out the local vendors that will be on hand, eat at the many food carts or just people watch.

Sheep Riding

The traditional West Jordan Stampede Rodeo brings the old time west into the city.  Watch the tough cowboys take on the unpredictable animals from horseback riding to the ever tough bull riders, who will prevail? And you can’t miss the Mutton Bustin’ Challenge going on all three days where the kids will see how long they can ride a sheep. West Jordan Stampede Rodeo started in 1954 and features Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA), which will have some of the top athletes competing with each other.

Ending this pack full and fun weekend will be the anticipated West Jordan Fireworks. This spectacular display of the fireworks will be a nice finale to July 4th.

Check out the post about Salt Lake

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Reasons Why Utah is a Great State to Live And Visit

Skyline of downtown Salt Lake City with the Towering Wasatch Mountain range in the background

The Variety In Utah

I have lived in Utah for 30 plus years now and still amazed at the diversity that the State of Utah and Salt Lake area offers. I can promise you that you won’t say there is nothing to do here.

In the Salt Lake area, you have a mix of activities, from the downtown city life that Salt Lake City brings, to the “Greatest Snow on Earth” that the well-known ski resorts have, to the numerus mountain trails and the mountain lakes. And not to mention the thousands of acres that the National Parks in Utah offers that is only hours away from Salt Lake City.

The climate is not that bad either. The summers are not that hot, with very minimal humidity and the winters, in my mind, are comfortable compared to other places in the Country.

Summer Time in Utah

If you are into concerts and watching sports, Salt Lake has you covered with this. The Energy Solution is located downtown Salt Lake City and brings in some of the biggest names in the entertainment business and is the home to the Pro basket team, The Utah Jazz.

The Maverick Center, which is located in West Valley City and the home to the Ice hockey team The Utah Grizzlies you can always plan on having a good time there.

The Rio Tinto stadium is one of the newest additions to the area and located in Sandy City and being an outdoor facility that is the home to the Salt Lake ReAL Soccer team.

The whole family can enjoy a day out watching the minor league baseball team “The Salt Lake Bees” that are played in Franklin Covey Field. Two other great places that brings entertainment to the area is USANA Amphitheater located in West Valley City and Sandy Amphitheater located in Sandy City.

Although Salt Lake doesn’t have a Pro Football team, we do have our College football. Among these teams are Utah University (The UTES) and BYU (Brigham Young University). These two teams are long time rivalries and on game day you will see just who the fans are from the sea of red or blue colors.

Amusement Parks

Always a fun day is to visit Lagoon Amusement Park that is located in Farmington that is about 30 minutes north of Salt Lake City.  Among the great rides that Logan offers there is Lagoona Beach which is a water park located right inside the amusement park to help cool off the summer heat.

Not too far from Lagoon, in Kaysville, you will find a place called Cherry Hills. Here you will find a small fun park that offers several water rides, miniature golfing and many other fun things to do with the whole family.

Utah Outdoor Fun

If you want to get in touch with nature there are hundreds of trails to explore in the nearby mountains with water falls, picnic area and camping sites.

Right in the middle of Salt Lake valley there is Jordan Parkway Trail that follows along the Jordan River. This popular paved trail runs from the south end of the valley to the north end.

Another must see and very popular attraction is Timpanogos caves, located in Utah County outside of Lehi. Here you will enjoy an easy hike on a paved trail to the cave and take a guided tour with a Ranger. After visiting the cave, you can take the Alpine Loop that is among a favorite of Utahans, that will come out at Sundance Resort.

Utah LakesThere are plenty of water sport activities to do in Utah from water skiing, wake boarding, jet skiing, swimming and fishing in the nearby lakes. Among the popular lakes are Jordanelle, Rock Port, Echo and Utah Lake, just to name a few.

Another well-known water spot is Bull Frog located in a very popular place, Lake Powell. Lake Powell has hundreds of miles of shoreline, with awesome scenery and hundreds of coves and canyons to explore that changes with the raise and lowering of the water level. Renting a houseboat on Lake Powell is a must to do.

Salt Lake City Night Life

Salt Lake City night life you will find many clubs that offers socializing, dancing, wine and dinning. A fun place to get a good laugh for the night is at Wise Guys Comedy Club, that brings top Comedians from all over.

A more mellow and relaxed time you can spend a night at the Salt Lake Symphony, or the Tabernacle Choir or just catch a play.

Salt Lake City has a range of restaurants and fine dining with great food like Mexican, sushi, Chinese and several other culture foods. Spend some time shopping or just hanging out at the several malls that are in Salt Lake; City Creek, The Gateway and Trolley Square are among the most popular.

Winter Fun Time

Winter activities brings just has much fun as the summer does in Utah and Salt Lake City area. We have some of the best snow around with plenty of places for skiing and  snowboarding like Snowbird, Alta, Brighten and Park City just to touch on a few of them. Not to mention that Park City is a great place to visit in the summer time and they host the most popular annual Film Festival.


Among the ski resorts there is abundance of open areas to cross country skiing, snow shoeing or snowmobiling. Not to many people owns snowmobiles, so no worries, it is very easy to rent one from many places around.

Other winter activities are to see the spectacular lights around the holidays at Temple Square or you catch a one horse carriage ride in downtown Salt Lake City.

If you are into site seeing, Utah has some of the most amazing National Parks around. The most popular places are Zions National Park, Bryce Canyon, The Arches, Coral Reef, The Canyonlands and Moab. These are great places to hike and mountain bike or you can just catch the site from your car while driving through these awesome places. I am still finding new areas to go and still so amazed at the vast open land that Utah offers.

The Great Salt Lake

The Great Salt Lake is a sight to see, being the largest body of water west of the Mississippi. The Great Salt Lake is the home to Brine Shrimp and many migrating birds in the swap land that is part of the Great Salt Lake. Places to checkout around this huge Lake is Antelope Island and Salt Air.  Antelope Island offers picnic areas, historical places to visit and biking. Salt Air was once a popular resort back in the 50s and now-a-days you can catch a concert or two there.

After moving hear from Idaho shortly after high school, I have enjoyed being part of the Utah culture and honestly, I can’t think of a place I rather live. There is much more to see and do here in Utah than I was able to write in this blog, you will have to come here and create your own experience.

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Why Didn’t My Home Sell?

Home in Basket

4 Reasons Why Your Home May Not Have Sold

So you put your home on the market only to have 2 or 3 months go by and not one offer came in. Selling a home can be challenging and a little frustrating too…most of the time you just haven’t found the right ingredients to make the home sell.

Working with buyers has a buyer agent, I have found some common factors that we see time and time again. Below are list of the top 4 reasons why your home may not have sold.


You knew that one was coming, but it is true. If the home is priced right you will get showings and written offers. If the home is price above what the market is baring, buyers may be reluctant to pass your home up to the one down the street with the same characteristic has yours but for less. Some buyers may view the home and may not want to insult the seller by offering what may appear to be a low ball offer, so they may choose not to make one.

If the home is need of some TLC or some updating, then the home should be priced accordingly. We are not talking about having a fire sale here, but a realistic price. The market will speak to the Seller on how well the home is priced; they will have to be willing to listen. If the home is not receiving the traffic that it should then the price is something that really should be revaluated. And this should be done sooner that later.



Was the home available for showings most of the time in reasonable hours? I have seen to many times when a viewing appointment was attempted only to be shot down due to the Seller unwilling to show at the time for what ever reasons. Buyers and their Agents will get frustrated after a couple of attempts only to cross the home of their list and move on. I am not indicating to have a 24/7 open sign on, but have a lock box on the home and expect to be flexible on showing appointments. Yes it is a pain, but this will be over shortly.



A good marketing plan is important. The home defiantly needs to be found online and through several online channels like social media, popular real estate websites and online classified ads. If you are present on the web, the Buyers will seek you out and find the home.



The condition of the home is for sure important part of the equation, especially if you want top dollar for the home. Remember the first item on this list…Price. The home should be kept in showing conditions at all times, again this is a pain, but needs to be done.

If the condition of the home is below average, then this is not a problem, just be sure the price is below average. If the home condition is a 10+….the Seller will be awarded. The condition of the home will more likely dictate what the home is worth.


Another important factor to keep in mind is to be sure to have your Agent ask for feedback from the showings. I recommend doing this within 24 hours of the showing where the home is still fresh in the mind of the Buyer and their Buyer Agent. This can be enlightening and offer some good insights in how the home shows and if the home is priced right.

Get with your Real Estate Agent to help you with valuating your home…pricing it right from the start can make all the difference in the world.

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5 Articles to Kick Start 2016

Utah Home Buyer Guide


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5 Articles To Kick Start 2016

Kick Start 2016Here are five articles to help kick start your 2016 Real Estate buying or selling experience.

Top Ten Mortgage Tips For Potential  Home Buyers In 2016: Although rates are creeping higher, they’re still near record lows, so don’t go into panic mode just yet. But do consider these tips as you jump on the homebuying bandwagon in 2016.

16 Ways To Make Your Home Look New For The New Year For Under $1,000: It’s common to start thinking about a new house in the New Year. We all do it (in fact, we’re doing it right now). But if it’s not a practical time to but (or sell) or you’re not in a financial position to make that kind of change, you can still make your house feel like new. Make one big change or a couple of smaller ones to breathe new life into your home. In honor of the coming new year, we’ve got 16 ways to go about it, and you can do them for under $1,000.

7 Tips For Improving Your Credit: Here’s how to clean up your credit so you get the least-expensive home loan possible. Should You Rent Or Buy? “To rent or to buy, that is the question.” Okay, so I’ve taken some liberties with the dialogue in Hamlet. However, many people question the decision to rent or buy daily.

Tips For First Time Home Buyers From Real Estate Agents: Here are 5 great tips from Real Estate Agents to Home Buyers.

Simultaneously Buying And Selling: Selling your home while simultaneously buying a new one can be a daunting task, but it CAN be done successfully!

Have a Awesome 2016!


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Utah Home Buyer Guide

Utah Home Buying Guide CoverIn this Utah Home Buyer Guide you will learn insights into the buying process from start to finish. Here are 8 things you will find in this useful guide.

  1. The Beginning of the Process: Discover the WhY you want to own a home and things to consider when you start the journey of the home buying process.
  2. Mortgage Qualifying: After making the decisions of purchasing a home, one of the most important step is getting pre-approved for your financing. Learn what is the involvement and importance of this step.
  3. Mortgage Programs: There are many programs available and having an understanding of the most popular mortgage programs will help you when you speak to your Mortgage Professional.
  4. Mortgage Payment: This guide will cover what is included in the monthly mortgage payment, from the interest to escrow and what private mortgage insurance is.
  5. Working With a Realtor: Having a Realtor on your side is an important has the Mortgage professional. A Realtor is the person who will bring this process all together.
  6. Different Faces of a Seller: Understanding the many different kinds of Sellers will give you the insights of who you will be dealing with. From your traditional sellers, to Bank Owned sellers and sellers who are in the pre-foreclosure process.
  7. Making An Offer: You have found the home and now it’s time to make a purchase offer of the home. Your Agent knowledge will be very useful and this guide will show you the mechanics of the involvement of an offer.
  8. Offer Accepted: Your offer is accepted and this brings you to what is called “Under Contract”. You may think it is over at this time but you still have some work ahead of you. You will learn the under contract status in this guide.

This Utah Home Buyer Guide is completely FREE and available to who ever wants it. Go the this link to request your copy.

Todd Rodocker specializes with first time home buyers, seasoned buyers and investors. He can be contacted at, cell 801-694-0903 or by visiting his websites: or

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Are We Heading Towards Another Real Estate Bubble?

Real Estate BubbleThere are concerns and talk about the rapid increase in home values that may be an indication that we are heading towards another bubble in Real Estate, like we seen in 2005 to 2008.

Before we get alarmed… let’s look at some of the facts and compare today’s market to the market that we seen in 2008, when everything came to a head.

Real Estate Is Local

Keep something very important in mind, like the weather real estate is local and what is happening in Miami Florida, is not the same that is going on in your city or even neighborhood.

Key Factors

Two key metrics that is keeping a bubble from happening here in the Salt Lake area are affordability and foreclosure rates. First with affordability, People’s incomes have just not caught up with the rising prices of real estate here in Utah. Meaning large volumes of homes are not being bought up; in fact home sales are down by 6% for 2014 versus 2013.

Some cities like Austin Texas, Honolulu and San Francisco to name a few, are seeing higher median homes prices now, than when prices peaked during the 2005 to 2008 bubble.

What we are seeing here in Salt Lake County is about 5% below reaching the highest median home price that climaxed in the bubble going into 2008. Which at the time the median home price was at $268,900 and has of October 2014 median home price was at $255,000.

Low Foreclosure Rates

Several cities across the United States are experiencing higher than normal foreclosure rates on mortgages than were given out in 2014. Salt Lake area and Utah are not among these cities that are seeing a rise in foreclosure.

Loose Lending Practice

Another key factor is we don’t have the loose lending practices that actually help fuel the real estate market all across the country in past and helped lead to the bubble in 2008.

So are we heading towards another bubble? I believe some areas across the country may see a bubble due to homes are affordable, foreclosure rates are on the rise and the median homes prices are above what they were in 2008. But that isn’t the case here in Utah. Our foreclosure rate is low and unfortunately, home affordability is just out of reach for many which are keeping home sales down.

To those who have the income and credit to qualify, they can reap the benefits of very low interest rates and equity gains that will continue to increase slowly in the coming years.

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