7 Things to Do when you move into your new home

Here are the top 7 things that you should do once you have closed and are moving into your new home.

Change The Locks

Make sure you get all locks changed in your home upon moving in. You can either change all the door knobs and deadbolts or have a locksmith come in and just change the tumblers out in each lock, this will actually be less cost than having the hardware replaced.

Most home warranty companies offer a re-key service, so if you have a home warranty find out if this is an option for you.

Along with the locks being changed out, you will want to reset the automatic door opener and reprogram any remotes that are in your possession and set a new code for the door opener key pad if equipped.

Utility Companies

You will need to set up water, sewer and garbage account if you are not in neighborhood where an HOA handles this. Most cities will require you to bring in your closing documents to show proof of ownership or a few will go on the local County Recorder to see that you own the property. You will want to call the City’s Utility department before heading down there to see what their process is.

Gas and electricity accounts can be done over the phone and provide them with the official start date. Don’t forget your cable, internet service, alarm system and/or satellite.

Home Utility Connections

You will want to locate your utilities main connections. This will include your main water shut off valve to the home, which may be easy to find and if it’s not, then ask the previous owner of the location.

Locate your electrical panel and the electrical meter, in which the main power switch will be. If your home is equipped with natural gas, you will want to know the location has you will find the main gas valve.

Knowing where your utilities connections and shut off vales are can be very important in a major emergency.

Change Of Address

Update your address with everyone. Change the address with the United States Postal Service so your mail will be forwarded to the new address, but keep in mind that this won’t last forever.

Make sure to update your new address with your family members, creditors, magazine subscriptions, etc.

Updating your driver’s license is a must and mandatory, but the good news is that this can be done online.

Home Warranty

Hopefully you received a home warranty with the purchase of the home. If so, make sure you have received their welcome packet that explain what’s covered and how to contact them when you need to request a repair. If you did not receive a home warranty, it’s not too late and it may be something to look into. Especially if the home is older, you can see home warranty companies that I have worked with at my Professional Directory.

Important Documents Storage

Keeping all important documents in a safe and easily accessible place, better yet, in a fire proof container is Ideal. Documents should include; all closing documents, home owner insurance, home warranty welcome packet and any other items that pertains to the home.

You will want to keep any future documents here as well, which would be any repairs receipts, home update receipts and copy of annual property tax bill.

Deep Clean

Before the home is moved into and after the previous owner has moved out, have a complete and deep cleaning done. You can do it yourself or hire a professional cleaning crew to do this. The cost is reasonable and will be worth every penny spent. Oh yea, replace all toilet seats!

Your New Neighborhood

This part isn’t being counted has the “7 things” but get to know your neighborhood and get out and meet your neighbors. Take different routes to and from work or just take a Sunday drive around your local area.


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