Why Buying A Home In The Fall May Be The Best Time

Buying a home in the Fall time may be your best time to do so and here is why. If you were around the buying season this spring or heard of someone who was, there was a feeding frenzy going on. Multiple offers, offers way above the asking price and the disappointment of being beat out week after week by another party.

The Fall time brings slower time to the real estate market, those who were wanting to buy before their kids started school may have already done so or are now waiting for school to get out in the spring. Some people may have decided to just sit tight for the upcoming Holidays and Winter. For whatever reason the Fall time may be the best opportunity for most Buyers.

Here are some articles that also give reasons why Autumn is the time to buy.


7 Reasons Fall Might Just Be The Best Time To Buy
Spring and summer get all the real estate glory. But the very best time to buy a home is fall. Here’s why. Read More…
By Margret Heidenry | Realtor.com


The Perks of Buying a Home In The Fall
But the change of season doesn’t mean activity drops off completely – in fact, fall’s arrival presents opportunities for homebuyers. Read More…
By Suzanne De Vita | RISMedia’s HouseCalls


Buying Home In The Fall
When people think of a hot real estate market they usually think about the spring market but the fall is also a busy time for real estate and a great time to buy. Read More….
By Jim Sinnott | Bedard Realty



4 Reasons To Buy This Fall
It’s that time of year; the seasons are changing and with them come thoughts of the upcoming holidays, family get-togethers, and planning for a new year. Read More…
By Pat Laracy Baker | Key Advantage Realty


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2 Responses to Why Buying A Home In The Fall May Be The Best Time

  1. BusinessOfThe_Future says:

    This is a very interesting read, I agree that fall would be the best time to a home compared to the Spring or Summer seasons. In your opinion which season would you say is the busiest and most competitive time to buy a home?

    • toddrodocker says:

      Thanks for the comment. Spring time is the most busiest for new homes coming to the market, at least here in Salt Lake (Northern Utah). People are coming out of winter, holidays are over and kids are approaching the end of school year. Summer time is obvious a very busy time in real estate also, but not like you will see in spring time. With the shortage of homes, you will continue seeing home values increase.

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