Why You Should Have A Home Search App

My AppPopularity Of Smart Phones

As of the end of 2013 56% of cell phone owners in the United States own a smart phone. Over 1.4 billion Smart phones are being used in the world today. The popularity of tablets are increasing rapidly and gaining a lot of traction.

A study by the National Association of REALTORS and Google also supports the fact that the use of mobile apps is becoming an increasingly popular way for buyers and sellers to find their next home. Of those surveyed, 68% of home shoppers reported using mobile apps at some point during their real estate search.

Reasons To Have a Home Search App 

So why not use your smart phone and/or tablet to aid in your home search. With the technology of these home search apps today the app will work in conjunction with your GPS on your smart phone, pin point your location and bring up homes located near you.

If you are the type who likes to drive neighborhoods looking for homes for sale, make sure you have a home search app with you. You can actually be parked in front of a home that is for sale and have the power to pull up the property on your phone with valuable information, pertaining to the home. On top of all that, you will know of other homes for sale in the neighborhood that is near by your location.

These mobile apps will give you full descriptions of the property, with full gallery pictures and details about the home. You really don’t even have to leave your couch to take a tour of homes. You are able to create property list of your favorite homes and if you have questions about a particular home, you can contact the agent right from your phone app.

Open houses have just got easier. With your smart phone you can search out open houses on the go! So you are out on a Saturday looking at homes and decide you want to hit a few open houses, no need to pull up a web browser on your phone to do the search, your property search app will provide you with all open houses in your area and give you driving directions too. This is truly a great and fun way to look at homes.

Here are 4 things my personal property search app will give you.

  1. This property search app works with your phone’s GPS and will identify any homes that are located near by your location. Once you tap on the home of interest, you will have the ability to ask to be navigated to the home. Your phone will take over from there giving you turn by turn directions to the home of interest. If you are the type to drive neighborhoods looking for homes, then this app is for you. Information and details of the home will be at your finger tips.
  2. Our property search app will give you full description of the home exterior, interior specification and of course the basic stuff likes the number of bedrooms bathrooms, price, etc. You will have access to the property full and clear photo gallery of the homes right in the palm of your hand.
  3. You will be able to find open houses with your phone using this app. This will start with the closes home to you that is holding an open house with the day and time of the event. Before walking into the open house you may know more about the home than the agent sitting in on the open house.
  4. My mobile app will give you a bird’s eye view of a map, showing all homes in your area or you can use the advance search that will give you the ability to draw a circle around an area of interest and show all homes that are available in your chosen area. Also with the advance search you are able to search by price, size, and number of bedrooms and so on.

Try It Out For Yourself

So don’t leave home with out it. Take this valuable tool with you on your next journey, you won’t be disappointed.

You can go here to down load my powerful personal property search app. No obligation to use it.

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